Room Darkening | Dual Fabric Zebra Shade | Natural

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Sleek, modern, and totally cordless, our zebra shades are the perfect way to spruce up any room. With their dual-layer light filtering stripes, you can effortlessly adjust the level of light and privacy to the level that suits your needs. Simply align the fabric bands to let in natural light or overlap them to block out unwanted glare. 

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Color: Natural

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Width: 20" to 72"
Height: 72"
Deduction: 1/2"
Fabric Gap: 3/4"
Minimum depth needed for Inside Top Mount (or Ceiling Mount): 1 3/4"
Minimum depth needed for Flush Inside Mount: 3"
Valance Length (Height): 3 1/2"
Shade Height When Fully Minimized (All fabrics stacked): 3 1/2"


Alternating 2" sheer fabric and 3" solid fabric pattern stripes.

Control the amount of light coming in your room.

Fabrics are anti-static so does not collect dust.

Matching colored valance for a sleek look.

Cordless mechanism and smooth roll up.

Safe For Kids and Pets.


Q: Can the length be shortened or trimmed?

A: No, This would impact the functionality of the shade. Any alterations to the shade may void the warranty.

Q: Is this a privacy shade?

A: It is a Light Filtering shade, but it provides full privacy when the stripes overlap.

Q: Can this be mounted either inside or outside the frame?

A: Yes, it will come with mounting brackets that can be used for both inside our outside mounting. 

Q: Does the shade completely retract into the valance?

A: Yes, the shade fully retracts into the valance.

Q: Can these be used in a bathroom?

A: Yes, it is perfect for bathrooms as long the shade covers the whole window. We recommend using an outside mount to ensure full coverage.

Q: Can you see through these at night with a light on

A: No, it provides full privacy at any time of day when in the privacy setting.