How to choose your privacy level

Choosing the right privacy level for your window treatments depends on your preferences for light control, privacy and aesthetics. Here are some tips to help you decide:

•  Opacity refers to the amount of light that passes through a fabric. The more opaque a fabric is, the less light it lets in and the more privacy it provides.

•  Window treatments can have different levels of opacity. At Chicology, we offer light filtering, room darkening, blackout, and solar. 

•  You can also combine different opacities and openness levels to create a custom look for your windows. For example, you can layer sheer drapes over blackout shades to have more flexibility in light control and style. 

Light Filtering

Light filtering fabrics allow the most light into your room while softly focusing the view. They are ideal for spaces where you want to enjoy the benefits of natural light, but also protect your furniture, carpets and eyes from harsh sunlight. They are also good for creating a soft and cozy ambiance in your home.

Room Darkening

Room darkening fabrics block almost all light from entering a room and provide optimal privacy. They are perfect for spaces where you need to create a dark and cozy atmosphere, such as bedrooms or home theaters.


Blackout fabrics create the highest level of darkness by blocking almost all incoming light. They also provide complete privacy for any room in your home. They are best for spaces where you need to eliminate any light disturbance, such as nurseries, bedrooms or home offices


Solar shades are specially designed to reduce glare and UV rays while preserving your view. The openness of a solar shade is calculated as the percentage of light that gets through. The lower the percentage, the tighter the weave, and the less light will be let through. A 1% shade will block 99% of the UV rays, while a 5% shade will block 95%.