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Uncover a clean, chic look with our Snap-N-Glide roller shades. These shades are the perfect mix of function and style as it features woven light filtering fabric, a cordless snap and glide mechanism for easy operation, and a minimal design with no valance - perfect for layering different window treatments. Modernize any window space with this fashionable and functional choice.

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Color: White

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Width: 23" to 48"
Height: 72"
Deduction: 1/2"
Minimum depth needed for Inside Top Mount (or Ceiling Mount): 1 3/4"
Minimum depth needed for Flush Inside Mount: 2 1/4"
Shade Height When Fully Minimized (All fabrics stacked): 2 3/8"


Glides automatically.

Smooth cordless mechanism.

Blocks out sun glare and heat.

Provides full privacy (blackout).

Safe For Kids and Pets.


Q: Can these be installed without the pull cord in the center?

A: Yes, the pull cord is helpful for closing the shade on taller windows. But it can be removed if not needed. Simply remove the end cap on the bottom bar and slide the pull cord out. 

Q: Can these shades be cut to fit?

A: No, they are pre-made items and only available in standard sizes.

Q: Can people see through these from the outside?

A: No, the fabric for this shade provides full privacy.

Q: Can the shade be shortened in length?

A: No, any alterations to the shade may void the warranty. However, since this is a roller shade it can be used at shorter heights by just pulling down to where it is needed. 

Q: Does the shade have a valance?

A: No, they are standard roller shades