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Our Custom LITE™ Cellular Shades provide superior insulating, temperature regulating, and noise reduction capabilities. Each shade is custom-made with honeycomb cells to ensure an ideal fit for every customer. Cordless top down bottom up lift feature allows you to adjust the height of the shades to create the perfect balance of light and privacy. Enjoy the utmost in comfort and style with these innovative shades.
Color: Simply white

Additional product details


Width: 23" to 72"
Height: 48" or 72"
Deduction: 1/4"
Minimum depth needed for Inside Top Mount (or Ceiling Mount): 1/2"
Minimum depth needed for Flush Inside Mount: 2"
Valance Height: 1"


Protection from UV damage.

Sound absorption.

Energy efficient (cool during the summer / warm during the winter).

Safe For Kids and Pets.

Easy to pull down & pull up to open or close shades when needed.



Q: Are these cordless?

A: Yes, no external cords are needed for operation. The shades are raised and lowered by hand and assisted by the internal tension mechanism. 

Q: Do these blinds contain flame retardants?

A: No, these shades do not contain any flame retardant chemicals.

Q: Does the top of the shade have a magnetic connector from the shade to the headrail?

A: No, the top of the shade is held flush to the headrail by the internal tension. 

Q: Is this considered a custom product?

A: Yes, this product is adjusted to order and is considered a custom item. Because of this, it may take longer for your order to arrive due to the production time. 

Q: Can the height be customized?

A: No, our manufacturer is only able to offer select height options. The width can be cut to size during production, but the length cannot.