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Our roman magnetic shades are a modern and effortless way to dress your windows. Our cordless, light-filtering shades are designed with magnets, so they 'snap' into place with ease and eliminate the use of cords. Enjoy a modern, carefree look without compromising on safety.

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Color: White

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Width: 23" to 48"
Height: 64"
Deduction: 1/2"
Minimum depth needed for Inside Top Mount (or Ceiling Mount): 1 1/4"
Minimum depth needed for Inside Side Mount: 1 1/2"
Minimum depth needed for Flush Inside Mount: 2 1/2""
Valance Length (Height): 7 1/4"
Shade Height When Fully Minimized (All fabrics stacked): 13 1/2"
Fabric Levels (Each Level's Length): 13 1/2"


Cordless Mechanism - magnetic lift to raise or lower


Safe for Kids and Pets.


Q: Is this magnetically mounted?

A: No, the shade only uses magnets to keep the fabric in place when raised. The brackets still have to be drilled into the wall or window frame to support the shade. 

Q: Could these be mounted side by side in the same window frame?

A: Yes, this shade is the same width all the way down from the headrail to the bottom rail, so there will be no gaps between shades when mounted side by side.

Q: Is this suitable to use on a door?

A: Yes, this can also be used on a door, as long as there is enough space to accommodate the headrail. 

Q: Can the sides be trimmed?

A: No, cutting into the headrail could impact the functionality of the shade. This alteration would also void the product's warranty.