Blackout | Top Down Bottom Up Custom Bamboo | Frost

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Experience blackout privacy and control your natural light with these custom top down bottom up bamboo Shades. Choose how you want your light to shine: adjust the shade to the perfect level as you can lower the shade from the top or raise it from the bottom Plus, it's all cordless, so no extra strings attached!

Color: Frost (blackout)

Additional product details


Width: 18" to 72"
Height: 36 to 72"
Deduction: 3/8".


Natural woven wood shades.

Smooth cordless mechanism. Safe for children & pets.

Recyclable, as they are made from sustainable materials.

Attached valance.


Q: Can you trim the width of the shade?

A: No, this may cause the product to function incorrectly. This type of alteration will void the product’s warranty. 

Q: Can you mount two side by side in a large window?

A: Yes, this shade is the same width all the way down from the headrail to the bottom rail, so there will be no gaps between shades when mounted side by side. 

Q: Can these be cut to a shorter length?

A: No, this would sever the internal tension mechanism and the shades would no longer function. This kind of alteration will void the product’s warranty. 

Q: Do I need different brackets for an outside mount?

A: No, the included brackets have holes for mounting either inside or outside the frame. No additional hardware is required.