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The Custom LITE™ Day N Night Cellular Shades | Everest provide the perfect balance of light and privacy. Whether you're looking for just a bit of sunshine or complete darkness, these 2-in-1 cellular shades have you covered! With adjustable honeycomb cells and cordless control, you can easily switch between levels of privacy any time of day (or night!) -- no strings attached!
Color: Ecru

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Width: 23: to 72"
Height: 48" or 72"
Deduction: 1/4"
Minimum depth needed for Inside Top Mount (or Ceiling Mount): 1 1/4"
Minimum depth needed for Flush Inside Mount: 1 7/8"
Valance Height: 1 1/4"


Easily switch between light filtering and total blackout.

Protection from UV damage.

Sound absorption.

Energy efficient (cool during the summer / warm during the winter). 

Safe for kids and pets.

Easy to pull down & pull up to open or close shades when needed.


Q: Can these be either inside or outside mounted?

A: Yes, the included brackets have holes for mounting either inside or outside the frame. No additional hardware is required. 

Q: Is the back of the shade fabric white?

A: Yes, the back of the shade is white and the colored side will face into the room. 

Q: Do these also open from the top?

A: No, these shades only open from the bottom upward. The handle in the middle is only to help transition between the light filtering and blackout fabrics. 

Q: Is this a custom item?

A: Yes, this product is adjusted to order and is considered a custom item. Because of this, it may take longer for your order to arrive due to the production time. 

Q: Can the length be customized?

A: No, our manufacturer is only able to offer select height options. The width can be cut to size during production, but the length cannot.

Q: Does this shade have a width deduction?

A: Yes, when the inside mounting style is selected, there will be a ¼” deduction automatically included in the sizing. If an outside mounting style is selected, no deduction is made.