What’s the Big Deal with Window Treatments? Why Are They Important for Every Home?

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when we think of window treatments, we often only consider the visual value they will add to a home. Maybe you think of style and design magazines with grandiose drapes and curtains. While the style of your window treatment is important, they have so much more to offer your home’s functionality. Window treatments can add value to your home, keep your family safe, and even save you money. While the beautiful design is definitely a plus, it’s the function of window treatments that make them a necessity for every family.

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We’ve all probably lived in a house or an apartment with at least one window that looks out on something or someone we don’t really want to see. Or perhaps the window looks in on you and your family, something that you’d rather keep private from outside eyes. Window treatments act as a gateway to your home. They allow you to have privacy and to control the light coming into the room. This is great for a child’s naptime, or maybe a Saturday morning where you’d like a bit extra sleep. Along with providing privacy, window treatments like blinds and shades can also help to keep UV rays out of your home. While UV rays are often on our minds at the beach, they’re something most people don’t even think about when you’re inside. Blocking the UV rays from the sun can help to control the temperature of a home, which saves money on energy. Keeping UV rays out of your house can also protect your furniture, paint, and flooring. Natural sunlight can often damage furniture and flooring by fading it. Having control over the lighting in your home means having longer lasting furniture.

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