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    Most homes today unfortunately have outdated and corded window treatments. These blinds are both dangerous and difficult to use. Unfortunate accidents happen every month and U.S. Consumer Product Safety Council rates old blinds to be a Top 5 hidden safety hazard in American homes.

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As a window blinds company, Chicology is a pioneer in modern, Cordless window treatments.

We believe window blinds should be a joyful, useful part of every home.

With cordless shades, you will actually want to use them!

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Let's get cordless shades into as many homes as possible.

This holiday season, Chicology has significant discounts on all our Cordless blinds & shades.

Chicology will also give away FREE window makeovers to homes in need.

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Share on social media using the hashtag #CordlessfortheCurious.

We will automatically count your share as part of our FREE window makeover tally.

Don't forget to use #CordlessForTheCurious to get on track!

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