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    Panel Track Blinds | Cottage Collection | Light Filtering

    $153.99 $176.99

      Extend up from 46" to 86" W with trimmable 96"H panels.

      Flexible - Open to right or left, you decide.

      Aluminum headrail track and bottom rails.

      White track and bottom bars match with your window moldings.

      Glides effortlessly along track using 2 wands.

      Good for sliding glass door, Room Divider, Patio Door, Closets & Large Windows.

      Height ( inches ):                     Up to 96 in trimmable panels          

      Width ( inches ):                     Extendable from 46 in to 86 in

      Panel Width:                           23 in for each Panel (4 Panels are included)

      What's included:                   Wands, Panels, Track, Bottom Rail and Hardware.

      Material:                                 Natural Woven

      Colors:                                     Wheat, Classical Gold, Ice Gray and Princess Ivory

      Privacy:                                   Light Filtering(With Privacy)

      Warranty:                               1 Year

      Q: Can these extend longer than 86 inches?


      Q: Can I order Custom size for this?


      Q: Can I buy replacements panels without the track?

      Yes, please contact our customer support.

      Q: Does it come with a valance?


      Q: Can the length be trimmed?