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    Simple Affordable Blinds™
    ✔ Get Instant Privacy Now - simple, easy to use temporary shades for the most bang for your buck
    ✔ Choose from either singles (1 piece) or a 6 pack, depending on number of windows you need covered
    ✔ Pleated paper blinds are low cost yet provide a neat appearance
    ✔ Cut to the perfect width a standard box cutter. Peel and stick on to your window frame.
    ✔ Bottom bar provides a finished, premium appearance while being easy to trim.



    Chicology, the solution for Simple Affordable Blinds

    An easier way to buy blinds online

    Project Success Guarantee

    At Chicology, we provide a 12-month warranty along with our committed customer support


    Get Instant Privacy Now. 

    Cover your bare windows to create the privacy you need, while not being rushed into making a decision about window treatments. Temporary window shades are the perfect affordable solution. 

    Ideal for those recently moved into a home, in the middle of renovation, apartments, dorm rooms, and more. Can be used in any room, including: doors, kitchens, living rooms, bed rooms, offices, kid rooms, nurseries.

    Get the look you want, without the work – this is a no tools installation.

    1. Trim to fit with just a standard box cutter.

    2. Peel the adhesive tape off.

    3. Firmly push and stick the shade into place. It installs in seconds and is a great value.

    Even though it is temporary, the bottom bar provides a finished appearance. So you can take your time on choosing your more permanent solution. For this, we invite you to check out our other Chicology products – we offer amazing values on much affordable, yet high quality and stylish window blinds.

    Product Specs: Available as singles (1 piece) or 6 pack. In 36” width and 48” width options X 72” height.

    Sizes are True to Size – meaning no deductions – the shade is exactly the size you choose.