Chicology Roller Shades Magnolia / 20
Chicology Roller Shades Magnolia / 20
Chicology Roller Shades Magnolia / 20
Chicology Roller Shades Magnolia / 20
Chicology Roller Shades Magnolia / 20
Chicology Roller Shades Magnolia / 20
Chicology Roller Shades Magnolia / 20
Chicology Roller Shades Magnolia / 20
Chicology Roller Shades Magnolia / 20
Chicology Roller Shades Magnolia / 20

    Deluxe | Cordless | Roller Shades | Magnolia


    Simple Affordable Blinds™
    ✔ A top-of-the-line roller shade, that will delight every homeowner with both its looks and ease of use.
    ✔ INCLUDES: Sleek fabric-coordinating aluminum cassette valance for a premium touch.
    ✔ The fabric is also shorter by an inch on both sides in order to accommodate the cordless mechanism.
    ✔ DESIGNED TO: Provide shade, filter light, create privacy, add beauty.
    ✔ CORDLESS: Certified BEST FOR KIDS - safe and practical. RECOMMENDED ROOMS: Living room, bedroom, office, kitchen, nursery.
    ✔ QUICK INSTALL: All hardware and instructions included.

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    At Chicology, we provide a 12-month warranty along with our committed customer support


    Stylish and functional, this shade will bring out the best in a room, while blocking out light. A top-of-the-line roller shade, designed for the resourceful homeowner.

    It includes an aluminum cassette valance, a cordless mechanism that is unmatched, in beautiful, durable fabrics. This combination will enhance your overall décor and be a perfect complement to your new home update. The fabrics will filter the light beautifully during the day while providing privacy at night. The aluminum hardcover valance is sleek and durable. It includes a matching fabric cover for a complete and premium look.

    The cordless mechanism is called Free-Stop. Unlike your typical rollers this one is smooth and easy to operate; no hassles or constant tugging. It works as you’d expect. Many of our customers who try it tell us this is simply the best mechanism they’ve used. Being cordless, this shade is safe for both children and pets. It is ideal for kitchens, bedrooms, offices, living rooms, family rooms, nurseries, children’s rooms, bathrooms, and more.

    The Cordless Roller Shade is capable of inside or outside mount. Installation is very easy. Simply install the brackets either on the ceiling or the wall, push to clip the head rail onto the brackets.
    Measurement: Pre-Cut The width includes a half inch deduction.
    The fabric is also shorter by an inch on both sides in order to accommodate the cordless mechanism.


    Deluxe Roller Shade

    Valance Width: 1/2-inch deduction is made to ensure a snug fit inside your window frame.

    Fabric Width: 2.5-inch deduction is made to accomodate the cordless mechanism.

    Valance Height: 3 3/8-inches

    Depth Required

    Inside Mount: 2.25-inches

    Flush Inside Mount: 3.25-inches

    For Outside Mount

    Valance Depth: 3.25-inches

    Bracket Height: 1-inch


    20"W X 72"H19.5-IN.17.5-IN.72-IN.
    21"W X 72"H20.5-IN.18.5-IN.72-IN.
    22"W X 72"H21.5-IN.19.50-IN.72-IN.
    23"W X 72"H22.5-IN.20.5-IN.72-IN.
    24"W X 72"H23.5-IN.21.5-IN.72-IN.
    25"W X 72"H24.5-IN.22.5-IN.72-IN.
    26"W X 72"H25.5-IN.23.5-IN.72-IN.
    27"W X 72"H26.5-IN.24.5-IN.72-IN.
    28"W X 72"H27.5-IN.25.5-IN.72-IN.
    29"W X 72"H28.5-IN.26.5-IN.72-IN.
    30"W X 72"H29.5-IN.27.5-IN.72-IN.
    31"W X 72"H30.5-IN.28.5-IN.72-IN.
    32"W X 72"H31.5-IN.29.5-IN.72-IN.
    33"W X 72"H32.5-IN.30.5-IN.72-IN.
    34"W X 72"H33.5-IN.31.5-IN.72-IN.
    35"W X 72"H34.5-IN.32.5-IN.72-IN.
    36"W X 72"H35.5-IN.33.5-IN.72-IN.
    37"W X 72"H36.5-IN.34.5-IN.72-IN.
    38"W X 72"H37.5-IN.35.5-IN.72-IN.
    39"W X 72"H38.5-IN.36.5-IN.72-IN.
    40"W X 72"H39.5-IN.37.5-IN.72-IN.
    41"W X 72"H40.5-IN.38.5-IN.72-IN.
    42"W X 72"H41.5-IN.39.5-IN.72-IN.
    43"W X 72"H42.5-IN.40.5-IN.72-IN.
    44"W X 72"H43.5-IN.41.5-IN.72-IN.
    45"W X 72"H44.5-IN.42.5-IN.72-IN.
    46"W X 72"H45.5-IN.43.5-IN.72-IN.
    47"W X 72"H46.5-IN.44.5-IN.72-IN.
    48"W X 72"H47.5-IN.45.5-IN.72-IN.
    49"W X 72"H48.5-IN.46.5-IN.72-IN.
    50"W X 72"H49.5-IN.47.5-IN.72-IN.
    51"W X 72"H50.5-IN.48.5-IN.72-IN.
    52"W X 72"H51.5-IN.49.5-IN.72-IN.
    53"W X 72"H52.5-IN.50.5-IN.72-IN.
    54"W X 72"H53.5-IN.51.5-IN.72-IN.
    55"W X 72"H54.5-IN.52.5-IN.72-IN.
    56"W X 72"H55.5-IN.53.5-IN.72-IN.
    57"W X 72"H56.5-IN.54.5-IN.72-IN.
    58"W X 72"H57.5-IN.55.5-IN.72-IN.
    59"W X 72"H58.5-IN.56.5-IN.72-IN.
    60"W X 72"H59.5-IN.57.5-IN.72-IN.
    61"W X 72"H60.5-IN.58.5-IN.72-IN.
    62"W X 72"H61.5-IN.59.5-IN.72-IN.
    63"W X 72"H62.5-IN.60.5-IN.72-IN.
    64"W X 72"H63.5-IN.61.5-IN.72-IN.
    65"W X 72"H64.5-IN.62.5-IN.72-IN.
    66"W X 72"H65.5-IN.63.5-IN.72-IN.
    67"W X 72"H66.5-IN.64.5-IN.72-IN.
    68"W X 72"H67.5-IN.65.5-IN.72-IN.
    69"W X 72"H68.5-IN.66.5-IN.72-IN.
    70"W X 72"H69.5-IN.67.5-IN.72-IN.
    71"W X 72"H70.5-IN.68.5-IN.72-IN.
    72"W X 72"H71.5-IN.69.5-IN.72-IN.

    Privacy Chart

    Sheer: Their soft and delicate appearance gives off the impression of almost no window treatment at all, yet are still very effective at light control

    Solar: Blocks harmful UV rays and preserves your view. Protects interiors. 

    Light Filtering: Help eliminate glare, maintain natural light and provide full privacy. Translucent with a subtle texture.

    Light Filtering & Privacy: A textured solid that filters natural light while providing full privacy for you and your home.

    Thermal: Thermal fabrics that can save you money on your electric bill. Best energy efficient window treatments possible.

    Room Darkening: Sleeping in darkened rooms may help you feel more energetic during the day and may even help to boost your immune system.

    Blackout: Blackout shades provide privacy and will darken your room. They are ideal for nurseries, bedrooms, bathrooms, TV rooms, and home theaters.

    MagnoliaLight Filtering
    Color: Magnolia.
    Fabric: 83% Cellulosic Fiber, 17% Polyester.
    CURRENT SIZE SELECTED: This deluxe roller shade will fit perfectly inside a 25 in. window frame. Actual roller shade width is 24. 5 in. wide.
    Pre-cut: The width includes a Half Inch deduction (industry standard).
    Fabric: Light Filtering: 100% Polyester. SIZES: Width available in Every Inch Increment from 20-inch to 72-inch x 72”H
    Includes: Sleek fabric-coordinating aluminum cassette valance for a premium touch.