What Should I Consider Before Buying Window Treatments?

Most people don’t even think about their window treatments once they’re installed, but to get to there, you first have to consider exactly what your needs are. Each window is different, because each window comes in a different size, in a different type of room, with different lighting, and a different view. From style to function, here are some of the most important considerations before buying window treatments:

  • How much privacy do you need for the room?
  • What’s outside the window?
  • Are you trying to block outside completely, or would you still like to have a view?
  • Are you looking to have more control over the light?
  • Are you looking to save on energy costs?
  • What color would you like your window treatment to be in?  

These questions will get you a lot closer to choosing the window treatment that is right for you. Each question will narrow down which blind or shade will work best in your home. All you have to do is sit back and not think about them again. Unless you’re thinking about how great they look.

Light pink curtains compliment bedroom accents.