How Melanie Marx Found the Cordless Solution To Keep Her Window Treatments Cat-Friendly and Chew-Free

cat looking out window

When Melanie Marx’s cats chewed up the cords on her window treatments for what seemed like the five-hundredth time, she knew she had to do something different. But what?

There were two non-negotiables on Melanie’s window treatment wishlist. “No cords. No strings.”

The solution was far simpler than she ever imagined. The Cordless Magnetic Roman Shade.

“My husband found you guys. We did the research together. He said, what do you think of this look? I said, just do it.”

What made choosing the Cordless Magnetic Roman Shade so easy?

“A lot of it had to do with cost-effectiveness. We find something that looks good and gets good reviews and we just go for it. We ordered the tan color first, four to start, for the front of the house. We really liked them.”  

With the front of the house outfitted with stylish Cordless Magnetic Roman Shades, Melanie’s cats then decided to go for the corded window treatments on the back of the house and in the guestroom.

Melanie and her husband didn’t hesitate to place their next order with Chicology.  “White was what was available at the time, so we bought white.”

middle aged man holding measuring tape against white wall

They were both thrilled when the second round of shades came in the mail, and before long the windows along the back of the house and in the guest room had been updated with the stylish, cordless design.

“When they showed up I was like, let’s do this. My husband came home from work, he put them up. They were simple to put up. We have a total of 11 shades in our house of yours so far. All the same Roman Shades. ”

Just recently, those mischievous kitties went after the corded shades in their bedroom. “That’s our next project…we’re going to be ordering again,” Melanie says. “We are very straightforward people. We know what we like. When we see it we buy it. We don’t shop around a whole lot, but for the most part, it was pretty simple for us. We needed something that was functional, at a good price, no cords.”

white cordless magnetic roman shade

Another plus? The light control and ventilation the Cordless Magnetic Roman Shades add to each room in their home they are installed in. Melanie loves being able to adjust the shades downward when blinding sunlight beams through or raise them later in the day to let the light in.

“Our house backs up to the woods. When the sun goes over by noon, I can pull them all the way to the top and look out back. In the summertime, when the sun beats down and the AC is running, I can keep them two-thirds down.”

What’s more, when it is freezing in the wintertime, Melanie keeps her Cordless Magnetic Roman Shades raised to let the sun heat the house.  “But they also keep out the draft,” she says. “I notice when I keep the blinds down there is less cold and draft.”

For Melanie and her husband, the process of selecting and installing their shades was seamless and straightforward, and the resulting look was just what they were looking for.

“They are a very clean look and simple. They do the job and I’m very happy and pleased with them. We’ve had in our house for a year at least. I would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone.”

Photo by Real Customer Melanie Marx

Photo courtesy of real Chicology customer, Melanie Marx