Searching for the perfect blinds can be overwhelming. We all often have bad recollections of dirty, bent, dingy looking blinds in an old office, apartment, or really anywhere. You know the ones installed in the 90s with the tangled cord so they can’t even be lifted anymore. Fortunately, over recent years, faux wood blinds have had a style and quality make-over. Modern faux wood blinds are like the cotton t-shirt of the window treatment world. When you buy good quality the classic look never goes out of style. Faux wooden blinds are a more durable alternative to wooden blinds and are stylish and can complete many different looks throughout your house. Don’t worry if you’re overwhelmed buying window treatments. These blinds last for years and look chic the whole time. Who doesn’t want low maintenance, low cost, super chic window treatments?

Faux wood blinds



Faux wood kitchen bathroom chicologyGreat for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Modern faux wood blinds are nothing like you might remember from your great aunt’s best friend’s house. These faux wood blinds are made from durable PVC. While that might not sound very glamours, it’s actually quite hard to tell they’re not made from real wood. The look of wood grain is so believable, your friends might just think you’re amazing at caring for expensive real wood blinds. It’s because of this PVC material that faux wood blinds can stand the test of time, and more importantly moisture. While natural wood can quickly become warped and stained from any kind of moisture, faux wood blinds can withstand large amounts of moisture because of the PVC material. This makes them a great option for bathrooms and kitchens. Faux wood blinds can stand up to steam from the shower or water splatter from the sink. They won’t warp or fade because of moisture. In fact, you can even use water to help clean them. Though a microfiber cloth works best to keep the dust away. Faux wood blinds also help to control privacy, which is especially great in the bathroom!


Great for Kid’s RoomsKids Faux Wood Blinds

The durable material also makes faux wood blinds a great option for kids as well. As an added bonus modern faux wood blinds have cordless designs, like the ones you can find at Chicology, which makes them the safest option for your kids. They provide privacy for your children’s room, but also allow light control, which means letting natural light in during the day and blocking out unwanted light during nap time or bedtime.



Cordless Faux Wood BlindsFunctional

We all want our house to be magazine perfect, but that’s a hard task when you have kids running around, touching everything, likely with their leftover lunch on their hands. With faux wood blinds, your kids can touch them all day without getting peanut butter stains on them. Because of their durable design, you’re able to clean them regularly to keep the dust and allergens away. Use an inside mount for a more modern look or an outside mount for a more traditional style. Go ahead, have your picture perfect living room and let your kids enjoy it also.

The cordless design also makes them a great window blinds for a child’s bedroom. The design of the faux wood blinds helps you control the light getting into the room which means they’re great support during nap time or bedtime, and they give your child’s room some much-needed privacy. Because they’re so durable, they’ll grow with your child. The simple design helps you to transition your child from their first big kid bed to their first day of high school without having to replace the blinds.



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Faux wood has more than just durability. They also have style. Whether you want a natural wood finish or a white finish, Faux Wood blinds allow you to add the perfect finish to your room. These blinds can fit into a variety of styles with ease.


If you’re going for a more bohemian look, try a natural brown finish. Bohemian style is all about natural earthy tones. With an inside mounted, natural faux wood blind, your window treatments will seamlessly fit into your already stylish room. The tilt feature allows you to let in the perfect amount of natural sunlight to perfectly complete the feeling of your Boho retreat. 



faux wood blinds home

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Mid-century Modern is all about the statement furniture. You want to highlight the lines of your vintage coffee table or the beautiful wood grain of your statement entertainment center. White faux wood blinds blend in with the room giving you privacy and a beautiful window treatment without stealing the spotlight from the star of the room. As an added bonus, the tilt function helps control the perfect amount of natural light to bounce off the gold and brass accents around the room and to bring out the pops of color in the upholstery.




Traditional Living Room Faux Wood Blinds

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If it’s more of a traditional look you’re going for, try pairing your blinds with window curtains for a more luxurious look. The simple clean lines of the faux wood blinds give you privacy and help you control the lighting, while the curtains on the side add depth and luxury to the space. Whether you’re going for the Traditional glam look or the Traditional Farmhouse look, or anywhere in between, pairing blinds with curtains helps you to add a more personal touch to your space. Like Beyonce and Jay-Z, this is the power duo you need in your space.


colonial dining room

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Colonial Country

Colonial Country style homes are very popular right now. The bright, cozy country look is beautiful, but buying custom shutters is expensive. They also require a great deal of upkeep and care. Alternatively, using a cordless window blind option can give you the same look of custom shutters, but at a much more affordable price. It’s simple to adjust the length of the blinds to the perfect length of your window. By shortening your faux wood blinds, it gives the window a clean crisp look, much like the look of shutters. Your guests won’t be able to tell the difference between expensive shutters and these quality, affordable, cordless blinds. Add sheer white curtains on the side to complete the bright Colonial Country look.

With Faux Wood Blinds there’s no need to sacrifice style for durability. You can have the perfect look in your space without dipping into your child’s college fund to pay for it. Because faux wood blinds are, well, faux, they are great option for anyone trying spruce up their space on a budget. Chicology’s Simply Faux Wood Blinds and their Chelsea Cordless Faux Wood Blinds are some of the most affordable on the market. But don’t expect a lack of quality or style. Each one of their blinds is made to fit in your home for years to come. The Chelsea Cordless Blinds are especially great for houses with children. There’s no danger of your child getting hurt on the cords, plus no tangles to ruin their chic style. Whether you’re going for the Bohemian look, Mid-century Modern chic, or Traditional Glam, Chicology has affordable options for every room. Faux wood blinds take shopping for window treatments from a nightmare to a daydream, and Chicology helps make that daydream become reality.