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Are you tired of too many nights spent tossing and turning, wondering why on earth you can’t for once get a restful night’s sleep? Do you lie awake staring at the ceiling, racking your brain, trying to figure out what the source of your frequent insomnia could possibly be?

The answer may surprise you. If you like to sleep for long stretches or only require a few hours of snoozing to feel refreshed for the day ahead, these habits are directly affected by the amount of light you are exposed to. Whether it is the streetlight outside your window, the reflection of the moon’s beams, the neighbor’s party next door, or an early sunrise, the disruption of darkness in your bedroom will ruin your sleep patterns, leaving you exhausted and drained.

The solution to these issues? Simple. Blackout cordless cellular shades that prep your room for slumber and keep light out all night long and into the morning hours. But first, we’d like to delve a bit deeper into the importance of keeping your room dark for that peaceful slumber you’re coveting. Next, we’ll show you how to choose the perfect Chicology blackout cellular shades to help you reclaim a good night’s sleep and boost your energy levels back to normal.

Light Blocks Melatonin Production

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Your body’s ability to shut down for a good night’s sleep is dependant upon its production of melatonin. This hormone is produced naturally by your brain to maintain your body clock and establish sleep patterns for regular rest.

Ideally, melatonin is produced starting in the evening and continues to release from your brain to your body throughout the dark hours of the night and early morning. Once light starts to filter through your window in the morning, melatonin levels lower and stop completely until the next night.

However, whether or not melatonin is released depends entirely upon the influence of light in your sleep environment. The more light shines through your window and into your room, the less melatonin you will produce and the worse your sleep will be. Over time, disrupted and unhealthy rest patterns can lead to a host of sleep disorders and health issues.

Why Choose Blackout Cordless Cellular Shades?

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Investing in quality blackout shades for your windows can easily reverse the effects of many sleepless nights and kick insomnia out the door for good. Blackout cordless cellular shades are particularly ideal for accomplishing this purpose, as they block out any unwanted sources of light with a simple tug on the blinds. No cords to fumble with when you’re sleepily stumbling around.

Our room darkening shades are uniquely designed with environmentally friendly, expertly woven polyester honeycombs cells to keep out the light when and where you want, presenting an excellent solution to block the brightness that inhibits your melatonin production. These blackout honeycomb blinds also pop back up in the morning with ease to allow light to stream through your window once more, efficiently providing you privacy and control.  

Unlike heavy curtains that have to be lugged back and forth or sheer drapes that fail to keep out darkness when you need it, blackout cordless cellular shades are easy to use when you want to keep light out, and simple to adjust when you want to let the light back in.

The Best Blackout Cordless Cellular Shades For Restful Sleep

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Chicology offers three, unique categories of blackout cordless cellular shades, which can be customized in both size and fabric hues to meet your unique window specifications and personal aesthetic preferences. Whether your bedroom is a haven of neutrals or is filled with vibrant pops of color, you can choose the combination your heart desires. Create a peaceful environment darkened for deep sleep that will prep your brain for rest and let the melatonin work its magic.





Top Down Bottom Up Cordless Cellular Shades

window with top down bottom up cordless cellular shades in middle

These are a perfect selection if you would like to have the option to darken all or only part of your bedroom at night. The flexible cordless blackout shades can be adjusted at the top and the bottom, so you can choose the level you want them to rest at and change it as you see fit. If you would like to get better sleep without necessarily blocking out all light, this selection could be just right for you.

Do you wake up in the middle of the night to find the moon has shifted position, sending beaming light through your window that wasn’t there earlier? With Top Down Bottom Up blinds, you have the unique ability to simply move the shades on either end to please your sleep tastes wherever your preferred view or level of brightness hits.

From the crisp, white honeycomb cells of our Cotton tone to the rich, earthy tinge of Warm Cocoa, these blackout cordless cellular shades can be customized and selected from an assortment of 6 different blackout hues to fit any decor style with chic ease. You can personalize the height specifications of your blinds between 48 and 72 inches, with a customizable width range of 23 to 72 inches.

Day N’ Night Cordless Cellular Shades

window with day and night cordless cellular shades

If you’re not quite sure whether you would like to choose between blackout shades and a product that filters light through, we have created the best of both worlds in the Day N’ Night Cordless Cellular Shades. These room darkening blinds are a clever combination of fabrics, with the top portion serving to filter light through and the bottom portion working to block light out.

When you are searching for flexibility in blinds, you can’t go wrong with this 2-in-1 selection that allows you to make alterations to meet your privacy and sleep needs no matter the time of day or what direction the light may be emanating from. Simply adjust the coverage to your window at any time to let the sunbeam through in the morning, or darken your room for sleep at night. It’s completely up to you.

If sleek minimalism is your jam, the subtle silvery tones of our Gray Sheen blackout cordless cellular shades or the creamy texture of White Dove will hit the mark. You may customize height between 48 and 72 inches and width between 23 to 72 inches. Our Day N’ Night shades come in 4 different blackout hues.

Standard Cordless Cellular Shades

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Finally, we have our standard blackout cordless cellular shades, which come in a subtle Evening Mist hue with dark honeycomb cells designed for slumber. But really, there’s nothing standard about them. You can purchase them as is in predetermined sizes, ranging from between 24 and 36 inches in width and 48 to 84 inches in height. Alternatively, customize them to fit your windows as needed with 48, 64, and 84-inch height specifications and width options between 18 to 72 inches.

The straightforward yet effective design of our Standard Cordless Cellular Shades is geared towards adjustability, user-friendly presentation, and modern chic aesthetics. These honeycomb blinds maintain optimal energy performance and filtering capabilities, allowing you to keep your room cool and free of brightness with a simple tug. If you are searching for an effortless and subtle solution to block out light at night for a restful sleep, look no further.

Looking for Guidance?

If you’d rather be getting your beauty sleep than spending every night staring into the darkness pondering the meaning of life, your next step to that restful slumber you’ve been dreaming of is only a click or phone call away. Peruse your options and give us a call at 866-999-6188 or send a message our way at [email protected] if you have any questions.

With so many colors and customizations to pick from, blackout cordless cellular shades are a stress-free, cost-effective way to kick insomnia to the curb and add an extra spot of chic to your home. Which one will you choose?