Hello everyone,

My name is Sebastian Go. I am a Marketing Director at Chicology.

As the first post to our “A Day in the Life” series, I wanted to share a unique experience I had today.

Jonathan and I are part of the marketing team, and we work a lot in front of our computers.

I have always thought working in front of a computer is no less challenging than working with one’s hands. Even though it may not be physical labor, online marketing can certainly be mentally stressful. We are often “doing e-commerce” the whole day, until our eyes get watery.

However, I was also able to experience a day in the life of our warehouse and production colleagues today. That is – being out in the sun, with no air conditioning, during 100 degree weather. I was also able to put myself into our customer’s shoes – having to install many window blinds for myself.

One of our clients recently built from the ground up a 12 building rental property in Pomona, California. It is amazing how much they were able to accomplish in just a couple short months.

Before (taken May 11th)


After (taken July 27th)

Our project consisted of 134 blinds (mostly faux wood blinds and some vertical blinds), which our installer, John, was able to knock out in just two days worth of work.

However, our client requested 12 additional blinds. We figured we will save our client some money and deliver/install the blinds ourselves. We assumed 12 blinds would be a breeze. Not quite so.

One thing that made installation more challenging was the height of the windows. They were for the windows on the stairway – so they required a large and heavy ladder.

Jonathan on the ladder photo (one blind covered all three windows)


For two guys who spend most of their days in front of the computer (and don’t work out, at least for me), this was a grueling half day worth of work.

Here are some things to note and stats:

  • Time Spent: 3 Hours and 30 Minutes
  • Drinks Consumed: 2 Starbucks Ice Coffees, 2 Sonic Iced Lemonades
  • When doing outside mount, it is always a good idea to leave a little bit of extra space for the brackets (but not too much, otherwise the valance side returns may not fit).
    • We made it a practice to do at least ¼” longer width, and they always fit just perfectly
    • Diagram
  • Try to avoid perfectionism when doing Outside Mount (I was trying to get the widths to be exactly balanced on both sides. A ¼” to ½” difference will not make a difference!)
  • Two people not required, but heavily recommended
    • Especially if you’re installing many blinds, developing a flow and teamwork makes this job much easier
    • If the first blind took us 25 minutes, the last blind only took us 10
  • Always respect other workers on the premise – we made sure to flatten our boxes when throwing them away
  • My biggest fear: that the battery of our drill would run out (we only brought one battery!)


This reminded us that nothing is ever completely straightforward and easy when you actually do it yourself. There are always challenges and unexpected events. However, persistence and team work were the solutions that allowed us to power through these challenges. Afterwards, both Jonathan and I felt great (kind of like a long overdue workout), and experienced the satisfaction of having accomplished something with our own hands.

That feeling was actually similar to the feeling I would have after finishing a grueling run of excel analysis or having put together a compelling PowerPoint presentation.

The difference, of course, was this time I was drenched in sweat.  

Thanks for reading, and thank you Adam for your partnership!

Finished Pomona Project Photos