So, How Do I Fix My Vertical Blinds?

Fixing vertical blinds can be frustrating and difficult and leave you with a plethora of questions. What about replacing broken vertical blinds, or replacing the broken slats? Is it worth the investment? How do you fix broken blinds? Is it easier to buy a new set or just try to fix it? Whether it is a broken vertical blind slat or messed up vane, this guide will help you decipher what to do.
So, how do I fix my vertical blinds?

Broken Vane Issues and Solutions:

The image above is a common sight for most owners of plastic vertical blinds. When the top breaks, there always seems to be a cascade of plastic panels and a battle to figure out how to fix it begins. Don’t you fret, however, you have found these easy to follow tips. Basic household items can be quick and semi-permanent fixes for your broken blind woes.
These inexpensive fixes include:


i. Take a few strips of tape, be it scotch or duct, and set them aside.
ii. One-by-one take the strands and stretch them across the top of the broken panel. Be sure to leave a small space between the tape and the panel’s base so that you make a square-like hole called a vane.
iii. Test and see if the clasp can grasp the newly made vane before using all of your tape. Adding a few more strips of tape will make the new top stronger and more likely to last.


i. First, cut off a few sections of the toothpick (these sections should be the same size as the missing gap in your vane).
ii. With packaging tape, tape the piece of toothpick across the broken vane.

Paper Clip:

i. While the process is similar to the one explained above, this solution will offer a stable base and increase the possibility of the fix lasting longer.
ii. Take the clip and slide it over the broken vane. The metal will replace the once present piece of plastic at the top.
iii. Tape around the paper clip.
iv. Using a hole punch, puncture a hole or two into the middle of the tape.
v. Test to make sure that the blind fits back into the clasp. You will then have a functioning panel again!

Bread clip:

i. Place the bread clip on the blind and cut the top so the hole in your clip can align with the broken part of the vane.
ii. Glue it in place.
iii. Now you can put it back where it belongs with the other panels!

Hole Puncher:

i. If you are in a hurry, you can always turn your panel upside down and hole-punch it.
ii. Note: This means you will get a gap at the end of your panel but, if that bothers you, that can be fixed with a bit of tape and a piece of material that will match your blinds color-wise.

Zip Tie:

i. Cut the end off of a zip tie.
ii. Glue the top of the zip tie to the top of the vane.

Business Card and Some Tape:

i. First, cut a piece off a business card and trim it until it fits in the small gap.
ii. Then, use some tape to stick that small piece and your broken panel together.
iii. To make this more secure, you can wrap a bit more tape around the piece.

Vane Savers:

Most home improvement stores sell packs of these (you will have a few spares for when this happens again). They are just plastic adhesive pieces or metal spines that go over the top of your panel.

Mask The Problem:

Consider adjusting the remaining blinds in a way that hides the gap. To do this, you have to remove one of the end panels and move it towards the middle. This should be easy as many panels are removable. There will be a space at the end but it will be less noticeable than a gap closer to the middle.

Track Issues and Solutions:

If you don’t see a solution above for your problem, you might be suffering from track issues. Many of the solutions below are quick, easy, and you can do them with your own two hands.

Vanes Not Turning:

i. If the panels are being stubborn and not turning the way you want them, there is a chance of some overlapping between the vanes. The good news is that you will just have to unlock one panel from the other.
ii. Still not turning? Sometimes it’s not the panels’ fault; they won’t turn because there is a small object lodged up there. Check if there is something (dirt or even a broken piece of your panel) jammed in the slots where the blinds are connected with the carrier stem.

Stripping Master Gear:

i. If the slat is still attached to the stem, you will have to remove it first in order to see the stem.
ii. Slide a knife between the two sides of the stem and push the slat up at the same time.
iii. Pull the knife and the slat down at the same time.
iv. If the slat isn’t attached to the stem, identify the open side of the stem-holder (it is shaped like a C) then grasp the stem and pull it out sideways.
v. To remove the gear, insert a flathead screwdriver behind the gear and push it forwards. Use needle nose pliers to grasp it and remove it from the stem-holder.
vi. With the pliers, hold and guide the replacement gear into the area above the C. Then use the screwdriver to push it back.

Broken Stem:

To replace the stem, ensure that all the stems face the same direction. Hold your replacement stem and push it into the stem-holder until it clicks into place.

Blinds Are Hard to Open:

If your blinds don’t rotate or are difficult to open, they may need some lubrication. Pick up a lubricant spray that can be used on items around the house (like WD-40 or silicone spray). Spray a bit of lubricant where the rod is connected to the blinds and that’s it! Rotation issues and stubborn blinds fixed!

Crooked Panels:

i. When fixing twisted blinds, be extremely careful because you risk breaking vanes when removing panels. If you are able to reach the stem, the prongs that grip the blind, then try first to slowly turn the panel back into place.
ii. If there is a pressure but no response, then stop immediately lest you break the blind. If this happens, use a credit card and place it into the stem beside the panel, then use the card to slide it out.
iii. Head over to the control stem and turn it all the way to the left then all the way to the right. Do this up to three to four times as it may take a few tries to get the gear realigned.
iv. Once the stem is realigned, put your panel back into place and you will have your blinds completely fixed!
In case you’ve gone through all these simple hacks and tips but are still confused, Chicology Vertical Blinds and their helpful customer support staff are always willing to answer your questions.

The Long-Term Solution:

The fact of the matter is that those household items are just band-aid solutions for a larger problem. In order to truly destress from the plague of broken blinds, open up your mind to this very simple philosophy— new blinds, no worries. If you are sick of fixing pesky blinds, Chicology offers you the perfect solution to your vertical blind problems: sliding panels.

Because of easy-to-use velcro at the tops of the panels, they are easy to install and switch at any time. Chicology even offers the ability to create unique looks specific to your style with blinds that offer a variety of different fabrics and sizes. You could change the entire look of a room by the switch of a few panels instead of a coat of paint.

Vertical blinds are inexpensive and useful, but they also have frustrating problems that come with them. What makes sliding panels so neat is that not only are they easy to install and use but they offer a better alternative to the plastic vertical blind. Plus, they are also inexpensive and cost just around $99!

Energy Efficient:
What sets these panels apart is that they are made of cloth, so you will never have to try to tape up your plastic panels again. On top of that, you slide them so all those tangled up messes will be a thing of the past. Although blinds seem like a simple object, they can make all the difference in a home. When it is a hot day and your blinds aren’t cooperating, or are broken, it can increase the electric bill significantly.

In the long run, you will save more money by investing in longer-lasting blinds. After all, when it comes to replacement panels, you often must buy in bulk and pay for panels you don’t even need. With sliding panels, you can just buy the single panel if needed, which eliminates unnecessary spending. Sliding panels decrease added costs for quick fixes, provide good sun protection, and will eliminate those frustrating issues that come with the traditional vertical blind.

Stress-Free Modern Designs:

From heat control to the overall style of the room, how you treat your windows is extremely important. Life is stressful enough without the added nagging to fix the blinds again or the worry that they might break when you simply try to open or close them. Your family and friends will be grateful for your new blinds’ improved usability and the polished mood it brings to your home. Vertical blinds are a stepping stone into something even better: sliding panels. They bring a modern touch to any room and they are cost effective both in the present and in the long run.

Sliding panels come in a variety of styles and are even interchangeable, catering to everyone in the family. If you or your spouse decide you want to change things up, there are a plethora of different options to choose from. Chicology sliding panels offer you multiple colors and styles in addition to several light filtration options to suit your individual tastes. These include but aren’t limited to: Light-Filtering (Urban White, Nautical Grey), Room Darkening (Performance Tan, Performance White) and Natural Woven Collection (Birch Truffle, French Sandalwood, Lattice Latte).

Simply choose the panels you want. You can even interchange the cloth paneling to make an entirely new design for your home. They are so customizable that you can adjust the length easily by simply cutting the ends to the desired length and fitting the blinds into place. The panels can range from a 44″-80″ width and up to 96″ height, which makes modifications and personalization extremely easy. Even if you decide to move, the easy installation of Chicology sliding panels creates the ability to move your blinds with you!

Why waste your time with quick fixes when the issues only seem to repeat themselves? Set down the tape and the paper clip and consider a better alternative to your problems. It is time you tear down those broken vertical blinds (you know you’ve been wanting to) and order some new sliding ones from Chicology.